Guest Post – Fairtrade Peanut Butter, Banana & Chocolate Swirl

Competition time! The wife entered Liberation’s Banana Nut Bake Off. Emilia (my 3 year-old mini chef) and I thought we’d give her a run for her money this afternoon.
So this one is really easy.
1. We chopped two bananas and squeezed half a lime juice on top of it to stop it going brown.
2. We were feeling adventurous so also added the zest of the lime and also some grated nutmeg

3. Then Emilia rolled out the puff pastry and put on the chopped banana, then the chocolate chips

4. The last bit was some dollops of crunchy Liberation Peanut butter
5. We then rolled it up and cut it into slices about as thick as my thumb
6. Emilia then squashed each one under a plate and popped it onto the baking trays (make sure you use grease proof paper or silicon paper or a non stick mat)

7. After a quick egg wash they were ready to go into the oven for 16 minutes at 220

8. We let them cool….  just for 5 minutes and gobbled them up while the chocolate was still a bit melted.
Mmmmmm easy, quick and yummy
Shopping List
Puff pastry
2 Fairtrade Bananas
Around 8 tea spoons  of Liberation Peanut Butter
Around 200g Fairtrade Chocolate Chips (dark is my preference)
1 Lime
1 free- range egg
Optional Extras (nutmeg / lime zest / FT Nuts)