Fairtrade Tickbird Soaps – Giveaway!

I’m delighted to write this post about this Fairtrade company that inspires me immensely: Visionary Soap.

Visionary works with more Fairtrade producer groups then anyone else in the industry and they have a body care range handcrafted in the UK and abroad that uses ingredients from producers in Palestine, India, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa.



All their products have been specifically formulated to contain a very high percentage of Fairtrade ingredients and are handcrafted with the finest vegetable oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals.


What I love about their business model, is that they don’t stop at just being incredible by being a Fairtrade company, but instead, they also have a huge impact here the UK by working with local charities who support marginalized communities and offering job training, and opportunities to work on the manufacturing of their products.

Visonary have recently launched a new line of their fabulous soaps stemming from their Tickbird Project.


Tickbird Education in Sustainable Living is a project based in Malawi, where the Tickbird Women’s Group has been formed, and which has financed the construction of a workshop, a training shelter and compost toilets for the women.

The Tickbird Women’s Group have been taught to produce organic compost fertilizer, grow and distil essential oil crops and to make finished products.


They are now producing these beautiful Anachisale essential oil soaps, which are made with 100% locally-sourced products such as: red palm (no deforestation or endangerment of orangutan with this palm), sunflower and coconut oils and which are scented with Tickbird essential oils.

The soaps are hand-trimmed and then lovingly packaged in gorgeous knitted bags made by the women themselves.

I can’t begin to tell you how lovely they look and feel and describe the intoxicating blend of sweet and spicy aromas that they offer.

I have been buying Visonary’s products for a while now, especially around Christmas time, when I find that they make the perfect gift! But I also tend to keep a few in the house in case I ever need a last minute gift, or if I’m visiting friends.

I’d really like to encourage you to visit Visionary’s website and help to support these incredible women so that they can become more independent and earn their own income.


But now to the fun part… I have a couple of these lovely soaps to give away! a Vetiver Essential Oil one and a Rosemary Essential Oil.


Please pop across to my Facebook page (click here) or click on the box on the right hand side or bottom of your browser.

I will announce the winners on the 7th of July, on my return from my holiday in Greece (I can’t wait! look out for updates on my Instagram feed!)


3 thoughts on “Fairtrade Tickbird Soaps – Giveaway!”

  1. Thank you very much for such a lovely write-up in support of Visionary Soap Company and the fantastic Tickbird Women’s Group in Malawi! Having trained these women myself, I feel confident that they are producing not only high quality soaps, but they are also running a truly sustainable enterprise. Their business deserves our support and this exposure for them and that of Visionary Soap, is truly helpful and much appreciated indeed. – Monica Norley, Founder & Managing Director, Visionary Soap Company

  2. Tracey says:

    These soaps sound so wonderful and connected with such a company too – lovely!

    1. Thank you Tracey, and I love your blog and website too. I’d love to know more! I’ll contact you by email.