Fairtrade Sugar Crisis and Spring time baking

Happy Easter everyone!

I’m SO glad the winter is finally over and I can’t tell you how happy the daffodils and the blossom make me. This has been a particularly hard and long winter for me, so I’m very glad to see the back of it.Spring is so full of promise and I’m filled with such a sense of renewal and opportunity that I can’t wait for the explosion of colours that is about to happen.

It’s also such a busy time now that my children are in school and nursery. I would have never guessed that school would actually make me BUSIER! There seems to be something going on every week!  from homework, to play dates, bake sales, Easter Bonnet parades, etc. I’m sure seasoned mummies breeze through it, but since this is my first year it feels like a brand new level of mummy challenges for me!

I’ve been baking non-stop since the beginning of March and every time I reached for my Fairtrade Sugar the current ‘Sugar Crisis’ popped into my mind, and after many mental notes to write a post about it, finally here it is!

Sugar crash cover resized

So basically, Fairtrade Sugar is in crisis, because the European Union have recently removed the cap on the amount of sugar that the UK can import from Europe, so it can now be flooded with subsidised European beet sugar, which could effectively push over thousands of sugar cane producers from developing countries into poverty. To make matters worse, these changes to trade rules coincide with a sharp slump in the global price of sugar, meaning sugar cane farmers are not just going to be priced out of Europe, but out of alternative markets too. With few other options for earning a living, the livelihoods they’ve depended on for generations could be lost forever.

Please help.

The Foundation is running a campaign asking for 2 things: if you live in the UK please follow this link to write to your MEPs about the issue, and secondly, and this is worldwide, please continue to BUY  FAIRTRADE SUGAR whenever you can … even when the temptation to go for the cheap sugar is great…lets stick to our guns and send a message to the market.

hemosita fufo nests 1But, back to spring time baking… I’ve made lots of my usual recipes this month… but today I want to share two ideas I recenty tried with the kids and were lots of fun and worked well:

1) Fairtrade Sugar meringue nests – we piped meringues into nests/flowers (the full recipe from a previous post is here) and the kids loved filling them with Greek Yogurt, Lemon Curd, and berries… easy and great for baking with kids.


Lemon curd alfajores2) Spring themed Lemon Curd Alfajores – this one is a bit of an experiment…with daffodils in mind, I made my usual Alfajor biscuits (the detailed recipe is here), but instead of filling them with Dulce de Leche, I used Lemon Curd and used flower biscuit cutters. I think they look lovely and springy and will make a lovely offering to take to the Grandparent’s house tomorrow.

Whatever you are up to this Easter, I hope you have a lovely time, you eat way too many chocolates and if you are looking for things to do with your children, perhaps you can try baking these or only other treats using lots of Fairtrade ingredients!