Fairtrade Desert Island Puddings Series

My husband is convinced that I am turning into an old lady. The fact that I have started to collect glass jars and plan on making jam this summer, coupled with my newly found passion for Radio 4 (which has unleashed my inner-geek apparently) proves his argument.

I don’t disagree. Maybe I have always been an old lady, one of those… ‘old souls’. I remember my parents laughing at the fact that I used to sit in a small rocking chair and do crochet, while watching soaps when I was only 9 years old. But luckily all things ‘vintage’ are now ‘chic’ and so I can let my laughed-at passion for cream teas, blankets and all things with floral patterns, run wild!
One of the programs that I sometimes catch on Radio 4 when doing the school run, is Desert Island Discs, which basically asks all sorts of famous people to play a few songs that they would take to their Desert Islands and talk about what they represent to their lives. I often find it very moving because like food, music plays a big part of me and my family’s story and it is most certainly connected to the best and worse times…but, as I go through the exercise of wondering what songs I would take…. I also find myself choosing what foods I would take to eat while playing the records!
So, I thought I’d do my own version of the program for the next few recipes….. and I will call it ” My Fairtrade Dessert Island Puddings” (get it… desert, dessert… see the geek is out, hence grammar joke below) and I will choose 4 recipes that I would be happy to take and eat on my island ‘forever’ without tiring of them.