Desert Island Puddings #3: Fairtrade Chocolate Lava Cake (melt in the middle!)

Well, I just couldn’t possibly survive on my island without a chocolate dessert, so this next recipe is of a 

Fairtrade Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding, AKA “Lava Cake”.

There is something simply perfect about a well made Lava Cake… with it’s crunchy exterior and melted chocolate center… you will feel like you are being transported to heaven…and it’s also surprisingly easy to make, here’s all you need to do:


-100 gr Fairtrade Dark Chocolate

– 100 gr Butter (plus a bit for the ramekins)

– 2 free range eggs

– 90 gr Fairtrade sugar

– 4 teaspoons (or so) of cocoa powder (unsweetened if you have it)

– 100 gr plain flour


1) Heat your oven to 160 C

2)  Break the chocolate into pieces and melt it with the butter in the microwave. Do it for 30 second blasts, stir well in between them to make sure you don’t burn the chocolate.

3) Once melted, mix well until the chocolate and butter come together, then place in the fridge to cool for a little while.

4) Whisk the eggs and the sugar with an electric mixer until they are pale and glossy.

5) Add the chocolate mixture when cool and whisk again.

 6) Butter the ramekins and add about a teaspoon of cocoa powder to each and turn to make sure it coats as much of the surface as possible.

7) Sift the flour into the chocolate and egg mixture little by little and fold it in.

8) Place the ramekins in the oven for 15 minutes.

9) When you take them out they should feel hard on the top… but still wobbly

10) Leave them to cool until you can hold them, then using a knife cut around the edges and turn over. Cross your fingers now… and hope they come out whole!!!!

Decorate with some Fairtrade icing sugar and some strawberries, serve cut open and enjoy the lovely chocolate lava in the middle!!!


Oh yes, leave me stranded in an island with this type of volcano anytime!