Fairtrade Brazil Nut Biscotti with a Maple Syrup and Tequila twist

Last weekend I attended London’s Food Blogger Connect 2014. An incredible event that brought together many inspirational (and some incredible successful!) bloggers to share and learn from each other. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed myself and how much inspiration I brought back with me….

Poppy seed Chocolate Cake

Fairtrade dark chocolate, poppy seed and pistachio nuts cake (no flour)

This recipe has been living in our recipe scrap book (obviously started before Pinterest was invented!) for quite some time now, and even though this cake is amazing, it’s not until recently that I have had a go at recreating it. As I looked through the book I remembered that my friend…

Mini banoffee pies

Mini Banoffe Pies (with a Penco base)

My husband’s ‘Desert Island Pudding’ is Banoffee Pie. I’d never heard of it until I came to the UK where it’s very popular, as it is in Australia, where he spent a few years growing up. It’s basically a pie that has the obvious, but magical combination of bananas, cream and toffee (or Dulce…

done up 3

Alfajores with homemade Dulce de Leche

My mother has been visiting us in the UK for the past few weeks and so I have taken the opportunity of baking a few Latin American recipes with her and seeing if the results lived up to our the food memories! One of the thing we re-created very successfully were Alfajores. Alfajores, or Alfajores de Maicena,…

best 1

Fair Trade Baklava recipe

This is one of my all time favourite companions to a cup of Fair Trade espresso… a slice of sweet and nutty Baklava…   Baklava is popular across the Middle East, so there are many versions of it,  but this one is a very simple and straightforward recipe that any…


Hello! Welcome to Fair Trade Living

Hello! Welcome to Fair Trade Living, a blog about Fair Trade food, crafts, products, companies and much more! I’m super excited to be launching this brand new blog, which has taken me many hours to build! (I have had to teach myself all the technical aspects of putting together a…

Lava Cake

Desert Island Puddings #3: Fairtrade Chocolate Lava Cake (melt in the middle!)

Well, I just couldn’t possibly survive on my island without a chocolate dessert, so this next recipe is of a  Fairtrade Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding, AKA “Lava Cake”. There is something simply perfect about a well made Lava Cake… with it’s crunchy exterior and melted chocolate center… you…


Desert Island Puddings #2 : Flan

I have been thinking a lot about what desserts I could ‘cope with’ eating on my island forever… and this second choice, also from my childhood, is certainly one I could eat over and over and not tire of it. It’s called a Flan, and its origin is not clear, some…