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Our recipe is simple. It combines a husband and a wife who share an obsession for good food and a passion for ethical living, enriched by a background of travel and fuelled by the desire to learn, create and make positive lifestyle choices

Fair Trade Living is about anything and everything that inspires us. Most of the time that’s food and ethical issues, but we also like to highlight products we love and the work of brave companies and individuals who are making a difference.

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Ximena and Chris

2 thoughts on “About Fair Trade Living”

  1. Ellen says:

    HI Ximena – I found your blog through Blissful & Domestic. Really interesting to see a blog focused on Fair Trade – and you have some great recipes! Cheers – Ellen

    1. Ximena Del Castillo says:

      Hi Ellen,
      Thanks for that, visit again soon! I look forward to ‘bumping into’ you again in Blissful & Domestic carnivals!